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IT Solutions

Logan Currito understands that supply and demand are always changing with industry requirements constantly evolving.

We work with our clients to transform and redefine business operations to not just simply meet current business needs, but to address future business concerns. We put ourselves in the role of our customers and offer the highest level of service support and commitment. Logan Currito is a team of business professionals with a range of experience and expertise who share one common goal—to help our customers reach their goals. By placing careful consideration on our client’s mission and their immediate needs, Logan Currito is constantly striving to improve our client’s business operations and processes. We continue to meet and exceed client expectations.

Program and Project Management

Logan Currito Program and Project Management professionals work with clients to enhance their business operations to make it more effective. Our team formulate strategic plans to ensure that business activities align with business objectives. We want to help clients execute plans that will produces measurable value and benefits. Our Program and Project Management staff offer expert project coordination in complex environments and ensure projects are completed on time and within the given budget.

Information Security

Logan Currito protects and defends information and information systems. To secure customer assets, our security engineers expertly perform information security activities including, but not limited to certification and accreditation, information assurance, risk assessment, critical infrastructure protection, and information system contingency planning. Logan Currito performs activities in accordance with the NIST SP 800 subseries and FIPS 199 standards and guidelines.

Systems Administration

Logan Currito executes highly effective, scalable, and diverse system administration solutions. We offer enterprise capabilities that includes: high systems availability, capacity planning for networks, systems, and disaster recovery solutions. We also offer performance planning and capacity-specific systems architectures, along with technology monitoring and analysis support.

Desktop Support

Logan Currito brings 24/7 desktop support with technicians who offer experience and expertise in various services including: performing diagnostic scans and troubleshooting, maintenance and repair services, administration of desktop and/or workstation imagine and deployment, incident reporting, hardware warranty and software licenses, and training. Leverage Logan Currito relationships with industry original equipment manufacturers and distributors for solution packages that will further reduce the total cost of ownership on IT systems and equipment.


Behind every good network infrastructure is a reliable and well structured cabling system. Whether an agency requires voice, data, or fiber optic cabling, our expertly trained and highly qualified cabling technicians work with clients to build scalable systems in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA and BICSI standards that work with their environment. Installations are performed with minimal disruption to regular business operations, on time, and within budget.

General and Administrative Management Consulting

Logan Currito offers services including administrative, organization and process improvement, human resources, logistics, and other management consulting services. Our goal is to help agencies navigate their business mission and objective to align with their business activities for optimal effectiveness.

Warehouse Operations and Management

Logan Currito highly skilled warehouse operations and management team brings dedication, reliability, and integrity into every project. Our team executes inventory management best practices to ensure maximum efficiency in inbound, processing, and outbound activities. Our objective is to minimize operation costs for agencies by bringing in a team of professionals who will implement warehouse processes that will maximize the use of customer resources and address individual client needs effectively.