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Construction Services

Construction Services

Logan Currito approach starts internally with our culture. It is exhibited on our job sites and extends beyond our projects to developing trusted partnerships with our clients, designers and trade contractors. Our objective is to establish an environment that encourages transparency, open communication and collaboration, where everyone on the team is each other’s advocate. We do this by involving the right people and listening to the client’s vision.
Logan Currito offers a full suite of available services individually or as part of a complete, turnkey product. We operate under the fast-track construction method, a successful approach that relies on active communication between team members and company officers' total involvement. That means you get the full expertise our organization has to offer and on time.
Logan Currito work portfolio spans construction categories ranging from healthcare, industrial and institutional to office, retail, religious and more. We partner with our customers to build groundbreaking projects that serve the community and foster progress.
Our services include Design-Build and General Contractor.
Logan Currito Construction
Logan Currito Construction outside
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Design Build

When a client desires professional services in design, estimating, scheduling, and cost analysis, yet does not want to manage the process independently, the Design-Build approach places Logan Currito at the helm. As primary point of contact with all disciplines of architecture and engineering, our clients can count on Logan Currito to be transparent and manage the responsibilities of leadership to navigate through the design and construction process.

General Contractor

Logan Currito reputation and relationship with the local subcontracting community allows this deliverable to be an advantageous approach for our clients. We provide negotiated subcontractor pricing, procurement, schedule direction, budget control and project management. While this method delivers the lowest lump sum cost in the current marketplace, our strong subcontractor base and established relationships result in accurate and competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our work or scope.
Logan Currito Construction outside with workers
Logan Currito Construction structure